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Securing Private Wifi Networks

Wireless networks have become omnipresent. Almost every Internet provider now provides customers with a device which can create a WLAN, and once you buy a smartphone or a tablet PC, your cabled network won’t be able to keep up. While several manufacturers now encrypt the WLANs of their routers and access points on delivery, many devices still launch unencrypted WLANs. Weiterlesen


Updates, Updates, Updates!

IT security for every device and platform

How many operating systems are running on your home network? Your immediate answer is perhaps two or three: Windows on your desktop, Mac OS X on your laptop and Android on your smartphone. But what about the operating systems on the new Smart TV, games console, router and network printer? In fact, most devices which connect to the web or provide network functions are based on a more or less sophisticated operating system. Weiterlesen


Using Smart TVs and Home Networks Securely

Smart TVs, mobile devices and consoles bring television and the World Wide Web to our living rooms. These devices, however, also collect large amounts of confidential information, including login data for social networks and credit card details. What should be considered from the perspective of IT Security when using Smart TVs? Weiterlesen

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