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Is impatience helping to trigger Digital Amnesia?

A third of European adults will Google for answers before trying to remember – and 24% will forget what they’ve found as soon as they’ve used it

In an increasingly connected world where the average attention span has fallen to just eight seconds[i], our inclination to forget facts we can retrieve from a digital device or the Internet, known as Digital Amnesia, could be exacerbated by our need to get what we want within milliseconds, Kaspersky Lab’s international study into the condition suggests. Read more


Kaspersky Lab Asks Internet Users: ‘Are You Cyber Savvy?’

User safety in the digital environment depends on a number of factors. First of all, it depends on the user’s ability to make the right decisions. Your online habits can help protect your digital identity, money and personal data, or it could make it all easy prey for criminals.

Kaspersky Lab wants to draw attention to this problem with a test that helps users evaluate their level of cyber savviness and understand if their behavior on the Internet is safe or not. Read more


Worse than it Seems: DDoS Attacks Often Coincide With Other Threats, Kaspersky Lab Survey Shows

A survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has demonstrated that, in most cases, a DDoS attack is only the tip of the iceberg. 74 per cent of respondents representing the corporate sector reported that DDoS attacks against their companies coincided with other IT security incidents.

Sometimes these are not coincidences, but deliberate attempts to distract IT personnel. This approach has been called DDoS smokescreening. Read more

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