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Personal Devices and Corporate Secrets: Only 11% of People Worry about Keeping Work Files Safe on Mobile Devices, Kaspersky Lab Survey Shows

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in conjunction with B2B International , around half of the consumers surveyed also use their devices for work.

However, only one in 10 is seriously concerned about keeping work information safe should cybercriminals gain access to their device. Read more


72 per cent of Botnet DDoS Attacks’ Victims are Located in 10 Countries

According to the Kaspersky DDoS Intelligence statistics for Q2 of 2015, three-quarters of resources attacked via botnets are located in just ten countries.

The undisputed leadership of the United States and China as the top targets is explained by the cheap hosting in these countries. However, the changes in the other positions in the ranking and the growing number of countries affected by this type of attack prove that no territory is secured against DDoS. Read more


Kaspersky Lab Reporting: Mobile malware has grown almost three-fold in Q2, and cyberespionage attacks target SMBs

Kaspersky Lab has published its Q2 cyberthreats report which highlights the key security incidents of the quarter and evaluates the Q2 cyberthreat level.

It has revealed that 51 per cent of web-borne attacks that were blocked by Kaspersky Lab’s products were launched from malicious web resources located in Russia. Next on the list came the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Virgin Islands, Ukraine, Singapore, the UK and then China. Read more

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