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NukeBot: New Ready-to-Attack Version of Dangerous Banking Trojan Caught in the Wild

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected NukeBot – new malware which has been designed to steal the credentials of online banking customers. Earlier versions of the Trojan were known to the security industry as TinyNuke, but lacked the features necessary to launch attacks. The latest versions however, are fully operable, and contain code to target the users of specific banks. Read more


MSPs Are At Risk of Getting Stuck in a Cybersecurity Rut, Kaspersky Lab Report Warns

As the global managed services market is expected to reach £187 billion by the end of 2022, cybersecurity is no longer seen as a separate or optional function among MSPs. Instead, it has become an integral part of the IT services they deliver — with customer satisfaction, and the ability to keep security incidents to a minimum, among key performance indicators. But the challenges of these services – high costs, lack of qualified cybersecurity staff and insufficient manageability – means that Read more


Kaspersky Lab is paving the way for the future of motorsport cybersecurity with new DS Virgin Racing partnership

DS Virgin Racing’s Formula E Team announced today that they have become the latest name in Kaspersky Lab’s ever-expanding sponsorship portfolio, and will work with the global cybersecurity provider to protect against known and unknown cyberthreats. The innovative multi-year partnership will add next-generation on and off-track cybersecurity and pave the way for further cross-industry innovations. Read more


Magala Trojan cashes in at the expense of small businesses

Kaspersky Lab’s researchers have discovered a new botnet that cashes-in on aggressive advertising, mostly in Germany and the US. Criminals infect their victims’ computers with the Magala Trojan Clicker, generating fake ad views, and making up to $350 (£270) from each machine. Small enterprises lose out most because they end up doing business with unscrupulous advertisers, without even knowing it. Read more


New Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Protects Businesses on Mac Devices and Delivers Advanced Functionality to MSPs

The danger for businesses using Macs is real: in 2016, Kaspersky Lab detected 11.8 million cyber-attacks against Mac users. MacOS-specific malware, OS-agnostic phishing and “man in the middle” type of attacks can easily refute the false sense of security felt among Apple advocates. To save companies from their overconfidence in the secure nature of these devices, Kaspersky Lab has released a new generation of its Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. It provides corporate Macs with cloud-based Read more


‘Excellent Job, Thanks’: You May Never Know about the Cybersecurity Incidents Caused by Your Employees

Employees hide IT security incidents in 40 per cent of businesses around the world – that’s according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, “Human Factor in IT Security: How Employees are Making Businesses Vulnerable from Within”. With 46 per cent of IT security incidents caused by employees each year, this business vulnerability must be addressed on many levels, not just through the IT security department. Read more


Kaspersky Lab Researcher Creates Free Software Tool for Collecting Remote Evidence After Cyber-Attacks

To overcome the need for investigators to travel far and wide to gather evidence from infected computers after a cyberattack, a Kaspersky Lab expert has developed a simple tool that can remotely collect vital data without risk of its contamination or loss. Named BitScout, the tool can build a swiss-army knife for the remote forensic investigation of live systems and has been made freely available for all investigators to use. Read more


Businesses hungry for ransomware protection – 100K organisations download Kaspersky Lab’s free tool in 12 months

The recent WannaCry and ExPetr epidemics have proven to many businesses the crippling impact of having their files held at ransom by cybercriminals. An astounding 200,000 systems were affected by the WannaCry attack in 150 countries in May, grinding businesses to a halt and incurring staggering costs as companies fought to solve the issue and get back up and running. Awareness of the severity of ransomware is rising, and against this backdrop, an increasing number of businesses are now seeking Read more

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