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Kaspersky Lab publishes results of internal investigation related to incident with Equation APT source code

New findings point to possible access by multiple third-parties to a computer containing classified data

In early October, a story was published in The Wall Street Journal alleging Kaspersky Lab software was used to download classified data from an NSA employee’s home computer. Given that Kaspersky Lab has been at the forefront of fighting cyberespionage and cybercrime for over 20 years, these allegations were treated very seriously by the company. To gather facts and address any concerns, Kaspersky Lab conducted an internal investigation. Read more


Supply chain nightmare: Threat actors backdoor third-party software for enterprise targeting - Kaspersky Lab’s Threat Predictions for 2018

In the coming year, the world will see more legitimate software being poisoned by groups targeting wider victim profiles and geographies, with the added advantage that such attacks are extremely hard to spot and mitigate, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Targeted Threat Predictions for 2018. Other hard-to-block attacks, such as those involving high-end mobile malware are also set to rise as attackers resort to new tricks to breach increasingly well protected targets. Read more


Kaspersky Lab announces Polys, a blockchain based, secure online voting system

Today, at Kaspersky Lab’s annual Cyber Security Weekend event, the company announced an innovation from its Kaspersky Lab Business Incubator: a customisable online voting platform for non-commercial organisations, businesses and communities, which uses blockchain technology and is secured with transparent crypto algorithms. Read more


Beyond data: are connected medical equipment and wearables the next big target for cyberattack?

Kaspersky Lab reveals its predictions for connected health in 2018 at this year’s annual European Cyber Security Weekend in Dublin, Ireland. Read more


Kaspersky Lab Presents New Online Cybersecurity Training for IT Specialists

46 per cent of businesses admit that they don’t know enough about the IT security threats targeting them, and it comes as no surprise that they are concerned about becoming cyberattack victims as a result. To help IT teams tackle these challenges, Kaspersky Lab has launched Cybersecurity for IT Teams Online, its new interactive training course designed to help IT teams develop their basic information security skills. The skills teams acquire during the course will help enterprise support staff Read more


Kaspersky Lab Enhances Advanced Threats Protection with New Kaspersky Threat Hunting Services

Kaspersky Lab presents Kaspersky Threat Hunting, a new suite of services designed to enhance the efficiency of protecting against targeted attacks. The suite includes two unique expert services – Kaspersky Managed Protection and Targeted Attack Discovery. These are designed to equip IT security teams with world-class expertise for detecting and analysing advanced threats, in particular, the fileless threats and non-malware attacks frequently employed by cybercriminals. Read more


Kaspersky Lab and Council of Europe in Joint Pledge to Protect Citizens’ Human Rights Online

According to reports, 50 per cent of the world’s population is connected to the Internet, and this number keeps growing every year. Because the online world plays such an important role in so many people’s lives, it’s a forum where human rights should be protected, but in reality, it is unfortunately where they are often abused. To change this, the Council of Europe has today signed an agreement with Kaspersky Lab and a number of the world’s leading technology companies, to jointly pledge to Read more


Game over: most women have decided against a career in cybersecurity before they’re 16

Cybersecurity’s image problem placed at the heart of the industry’s gender divide by new study from Kaspersky Lab

By the time they are 15¾, most young women in Europe, Israel, and the US have already decided against a career in cybersecurity. This, according to a new study by Kaspersky Lab, is a major contributing factor to the industry’s continued struggle to attract female recruits, as it attempts to both narrow the gender gap in IT security and also address the growing skills shortage. Read more

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