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Eugene Kaspersky Featured in Foreign Policy’s 100 Top Global Thinkers 2012

Kaspersky selected for the work he and his company have done on decoding

Kaspersky Lab’s experts outlined key security trends of 2012 and presented their views on the core threats of 2013. The most notable predictions for the next year include the continued rise of targeted attacks, cyber-espionage and nation-state cyber-attacks, the evolving role of hacktivism, the development of controversial “legal” surveillance tools and the increase in cybercriminal attacks targeting cloud-based services.

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, announces that Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of the company, has been selected as one of Foreign Policy magazine’s 100 Top Global Thinkers for 2012. Eugene and the other “top thinkers” will be honored at an official ceremony on Thursday, November 29, in Washington, DC.

Eugene was included in the new annual list of Top Global Thinkers for his contribution to IT security awareness on a global scale, along with such important and influential personalities as Barack Obama, the Clintons, the Gates, Angela Merkel and Warren Buffet. He’s the one who keeps spreading the word around the world about the dangers that define the digital age - threats to economies, governments, and the personal security of every one of us - namely, privacy violations, cybercrime, cyberwarfare and hacktivism.

Commenting on his being placed on FP’s prestigious list, Eugene Kaspersky said:

“IT security is a relatively new global concern, which previously has gone largely overlooked. As leaders in the IT security industry, we at Kaspersky Lab have the vast expertise needed to enable us to stay abreast of today’s ever-changing threat landscape, and have the clearest understanding of the urgency and overall importance of global cooperation in combatting threats. I feel it’s extremely important to keep talking about these issues - to get the message across to governments, business and the general public. My being named as a top global thinker by FP shows that not only is my message being heard, but it is one that is being taken very seriously on a global scale. For this I am extremely grateful.”

For the full list of Foreign Policy magazine’s Top Global Thinkers of 2012, please visit www.foreignpolicy.com/2012globalthinkers

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