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Cyber attacks

Targeted attacks and cyber-espionage -- The onward march of ‘hacktivism’ -- Nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks -- The use of legal surveillance tools

If your organization has never suffered an attack, it's easy to tell yourself that 'It won't happen to me', or even to imagine that most of what we hear about malware is just hype. This is especially true for targeted attacks. It’s easy to read the headlines in the computer press and draw the conclusion that targeted attacks are a problem only for large organisations, particularly those who maintain ‘critical infrastructure’ systems within a country. However, any organization can become a Read more


Friends and Foes: Protecting our Children Online

Kaspersky Lab backs Safer Internet Day 2011

Moscow/ Ingolstadt, February 8, 2011 – The internet is part of everyday life for young people. From Facebook to World of Warcraft, kids and teenagers are now more interested in spending time online than watching television. As a result their lives are enriched with new knowledge and experiences, but they also face dangers that can leave them vulnerable and distressed. Kaspersky Lab is supporting Safer Internet Day (February 8, 2011) by providing a dedicated website offering information and Read more


Reviewers Guide PURE

The purpose of this document is to provide an introduction to Kaspersky PURE – an integrated, one-stop solution for families that have one or more PCs at home. Kaspersky PURE provides real-time protection against digital identity theft, data loss and alteration, Internet abuse and unintended breaches of network policy. New network management functionality enables network security maintenance to be undertaken from any Kaspersky PURE-protected PCs on the network. Read more


Company Profile

Kaspersky Lab is an international group that employs over 2,000 highly-qualified specialists, has central offices in Moscow, as well as regional headquarters overseeing the activities of local representatives and partners in five global regions: Western Europe; Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa; North and South America; the Asia-Pacific region; and Japan. The company currently works in more than 100 countries across the globe and has its own territory offices in 27 countries. The Read more


Eugene Kaspersky (CEO and co-founder)

future. One of his hobbies during high school was to solve problems published in mathematical journals. During his last few years in high school, he attended extracurricular classes in physics and mathematics at a dedicated program organized by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Read more


Top 20 Malware Report January 2011

The majority of malware will attempt to conceal its presence on users’ computers and function without the users’ knowledge, especially the more sophisticated types. Cyber fraud, however, requires the participation of users. To prevent users falling victim to the various scams out there, it’s very important that they know about them. Read more


Security Guide: Social Media for Children and Parents

For children and young adults, online social networks are a part of everyday life. Their parents, on the other hand, often know very little about them. For worried parents, prohibiting their children from using the Internet, moving to the Caucasus Mountains or disconnecting the phone lines are not plausible solutions. Instead, children and parents need to know what’s what on Facebook and similar sites. This security guide summarizes the risks involved in online social networking and shows how Read more

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