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Kaspersky Lab PR Survey 2013 Report Netherlands


Loss of Equipment

For around one third a data loss would have a high negative impact.

Most stolen or lost items are USB sticks, facility keys and office equipment.

43% spend less than 5.000€per year for replacing equipment generally, nearly one third of respondents is not able to amount for electronic devices, 66% of lost equipment is reported within one working day.

Data Security & Encryption

Only 32% of respondents have a clear picture of business data carried out on employee-owned devices.

30% state a full encryption for all mobile devices.

Only 20% made a cost evaluation for encryption vs. data loss; result with no clear ratio tendency.

48% do not see an advantage of encryption instead of mandatory password.


Policies & Employment

13% stated a job declination because of IT-related issues (such as no social media allowed, no notebook / laptop or smart phone provided).

15% report a drop out during the probationary period / first months of employment due to IT-related issues.

Around 45% of respondents estimate an advantage for recruiting allowing usage of employee-owned mobile devices. More than 1/3 of mobile devices is to an amount of less than 10% connected to the corporate network, on average 10% of respondents do not have any information about connection to corporate network. 37% working outside the office are 2 days or more a week connected to corporate network, 1/3 of respondents is nearly never connected.

82% of respondents use Smart Devices for Business Communication.

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